Over 40 Years of Experience

Steven Levy is a former Internal Revenue Service Agent with 21 years experience as a Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division conducting criminal tax and money laundering investigations and 6 years of experience as a Revenue Agent in the IRS Audit and Examination Divisions conducting civil tax investigations of businesses and individuals.

An authority on civil and criminal tax issues, white collar crime, money laundering, and the recovery of hidden assets, Steven Levy is known for his ability to recognize and trace suspicious financial activity with a penchant for discovering new investigative approaches to highly complex problems.

Here at Steven Levy Investigations, Steven has assisted his individual and business clients in obtaining exceptional resolutions to significant tax issues, assisted attorneys in complex forensic accounting assignments resulting in the identification of millions of dollars lost due to a variety of financial schemes and frauds, assisted Department of Justice attorneys in both civil and criminal prosecutions of highly complex financial crimes, and provided expert testimony in just about every legal setting.  


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Built on an extraordinary 27 year career with the Internal Revenue Service, Steven Levy launched Steven Levy Investigations on October 4, 2000.

Today, Steven Levy Investigations provides services concentrating in the areas of Tax Problem Resolution, Litigation Support, Financial Investigations, Bank Secrecy Act Compliance, Investigative Audits, and Due Diligence Investigations. Leading a staff with over 40 years’ experience with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service and over 10 years’ experience with the Audit and Examination Divisions, Steven Levy Investigations is well equipped to tackle issues and assignments in each of these service areas.

Whether representing a client before the IRS on an individual income tax audit or conducting a complex forensic accounting investigation to ferret out a complicated financial fraud, Steven Levy Investigations takes great pride in representing its clients in a creative and cost efficient manner.

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