Due Diligence

Due diligence can have several different meanings but essentially it involves the investigation of an asset, investment, or anything else to ensure that everything is as it seems. For example, due diligence helps a buyer or investors make sure that there are no unexpected problems with the asset or investment and that he/she does not overpay. In another example, due diligence can be a complex and formalized process in the acquisition of a company.

Generally, due diligence refers to the care a reasonable person should take to obtain all the material facts before entering into an agreement or transaction with another party. Due diligence can be a time consuming and at times expensive endeavor but at all times it is an essential element before entering into an agreement or transaction.

At Steven Levy Investigations, we bring our over forty years of experience to assist our clients in making the right decisions  by conducting financial due diligence investigations in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. When our investigation is complete, you can be assured there will be “no surprises.”

In conducting due diligence investigations, we will utilize our extensive background to analyze such things as:

In addition, interviews can be conducted of all stakeholders and if necessary affidavits will be obtained.

The final report issued at the conclusion of each due diligence investigation provides our clients with a clear and thorough understanding of all of the material facts necessary so that prudent and thoughtful financial decisions can be reached.

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