Financial Investigations

FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS regularly intersect with any one of the service areas we offer and will often be associated in some way with investigations into criminal matters. Our over 40 years’ experience at the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service conducting FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS involving criminal tax and money laundering crimes involving myriad types of fraud has us well prepared for any FINANCIAL INVESTIGATION with which we are tasked.

FINANCIAL INVESTGATIONS generally involve the collection and analysis of financial information into such areas as:

Some of the techniques employed in FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS include conducting witness interviews, obtaining witness affidavits, the utilization of computer forensics, the analysis of financial documents, to summarize and present complex financial data in an Expert Forensic Accounting Report that is clear, logical, and thoroughly supported by the evidence obtained, and finally if required to provide expert testimony in any judicial proceedings. 

The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines “Sweet Spot” as “the area around the center of mass of a bat, racket, or head of a club that is the most effective part with which to hit a ball.” When you need someone for a FINANCIAL INVESTGATION, you can be certain; you’re in Steven Levy Investigation’s “Sweet Spot.”  

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