Investigative Audits

INVESTIGATIVE AUDITS will often arise out of an initial allegation or suspicion that a fraud has or is occurring. Examples of INVESTGATIVE AUDIT assignments might include investigations involving:

These assignments will often involve a detailed analysis of accounting records, tax returns, and tax return related information; funds tracing; asset tracing; and coordination with client attorneys.

An INVESTIGATIVE AUDIT assignment will require that we not only utilize our accounting and auditing skills but will also task us to fully incorporate our investigative skills. It quickly becomes abundantly clear not only to our clients but to all impacted or contacted during the course of one of our INVESTGATIVE AUDIT assignments that it is just those investigative skills, honed over our many years of conducting criminal and civil investigations for the IRS, that set us apart.

Generally, INVESTGATIVE AUDITS will conclude with a summary of findings presented in a clear and thorough Expert Forensic Accounting Report and if required expert testimony will be provided.

Of this you can be certain, once the INVESTIGATIVE AUDIT is complete, STEVEN LEVY INVESTIGATIONS will have ferreted out the fraud and you will have gotten the results in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

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