With over 40 years of forensic accounting experience with both civil and criminal tax investigations, Steven Levy Investigations provides full service support in matters involving Tax Problem Resolution, Litigation Support, Financial Investigations, Bank Secrecy Act Compliance, Investigative Audits, and Due Diligence. Mr. Levy is dedicated to solving even the most complicated investigations on behalf of his clients in a creative and efficient manner.

Tax Problem Resolution

As a former IRS Agent, Steven Levy is well aware of the policies and procedures utilized throughout the various Divisions of the Internal Revenue Service. He knows exactly what needs to be done in working with these Divisions to obtain successful resolutions for his clients.

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Litigation Support

Steven Levy provides valuable litigation support to attorneys in Federal, State and local criminal or civil proceedings. He is a highly regarded expert witness having testified innumerable times in a variety of judicial settings on behalf of private law firms, corporations and individuals.

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Financial Investigations

Steven Levy's extensive experience as both an IRS Revenue Agent and Special Agent has provided him with exceptional skills making him highly proficient in locating hidden assets, detecting illegal and fraudulent acts, as well tracing and the disposition of crime proceeds.

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Bank Secrecy Act Compliance

Whether you are seeking assistance in ensuring that you or your business are in compliance with BSA requirements or you’ve already been contacted by the IRS or another regulatory body regarding compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act, Steven Levy Investigations can help.

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Investigative Audits

Steven Levy’s credentials together with his extraordinary career at the IRS has equipped him to identify suspected violations of laws and/or internal company controls; as well as to provide insightful findings within a Final Expert Forensic Accounting Report.

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Due Diligence

Steven Levy will utilize his extensive investigative background in conducting complete and thorough Due Diligence examinations ensuring that our clients have a complete command of all relevant and material facts so that prudent decisions can be reached.

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