"I have seen Steve achieve great results because of his commitment to his clients..."

I have known Steve since 1983, when he was an Internal Revenue Service Special Agent and I was an Assistant U.S. Attorney. I have continued to work with Steve in private practice, taking advantage of his exceptional forensic accounting skills. His passion for his work is as strong now as it was when he was a Special Agent. Time and again, I have seen Steve achieve great results because of his commitment to his clients, his ability to “think outside the box”, his exceptional work ethic, and his long relationships with many individuals in the Internal Revenue Service.

- Patricia A. Pileggi, Esq., Partner at the firm of Schiff Hardin, LLP

Your professionalism, accuracy and speed are a wonder to behold. As outsiders, the bureaucratic world of the IRS is a total mystery. How can I thank you enough?...You are the best.

- John S., client

I have known Steve for over 20 years through our joint affiliation with a Manhattan law firm. During that period of time, we have worked together on a number of significant white collar matters. Steve's experience gained through over 25 years as an IRS special agent and his immense forensic accounting skills, have resulted in favorable outcomes for his clients. As a former prosecutor and general counsel to the New York Yankees, I unhesitatingly recommend him whenever a forensic expert is needed.

- Bill Dowling, former prosecutor and General Counsel to the New York Yankees

As a defense lawyer, I had the misfortune of coming up against Steve Levy when he was an IRS agent. Since he left the government approximately fourteen years ago, I have had the good fortune on several occasions to work on the same side with him. Steve Levy is not your every-day forensic accountant: he is imaginative, energetic, tenacious and intelligent. Indeed, he is also fun to work with.

- Lawrence S. Goldman, criminal defense lawyer and past President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

There is one thing I can say about Steve Levy without any doubt whatsoever: he is surely someone I would turn to if I were ever in a jam. He is incredibly shrewd and persistent, but most importantly when he takes on a matter, he really cares. I have known Steve for over 30 years. While he was with the Government, he put my clients in jail. Now that he is no longer with the Government, he helps keep my clients from going to jail. He is a gentleman, he is a scholar, and he is on the top of my speed dial and will always be there.

- Bill Wachtel, Wachtel Missry LLP